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This is me. Monica!


Hi!  I am a stay at home mom, stay at home shopper (my husband thinks the transformer name Amazon Prime suits me nicely haha) stay at home educator, stay at home baker, stay at home chef.  Now stay at home blogger!  I wear many hats. At home.

I live in a tiny town in Nevada; population 5.  I am just kidding it’s about 2,000 (but some days feels like 5).

 I love to make food from scratch.  I love good ingredients that are responsibly sourced, I love real butter and full fat milk.  It gives me great satisfaction to be able to pronounce each ingredient in a meal that I have prepared every aspect of, but don’t panic!  I have realized through trial and error that my enchiladas do not taste right with out perfectly thin factory made corn tortillas.  I do eat things that are store bought.  I eat things that are made by companies I don’t exactly admire.  Because?  Because life is too short to let strict food guidelines dictate everything I eat.  And I love to eat.

We have back yard chickens and every summer we attempt to grow a garden (our season is short and hot).  We are yet to get a bumper crop, but those 15 cherry tomatoes we get after 2 months of work?  Yeah it’s worth it.  If one could taste sunshine I think it would taste exactly like a warm tomato just off the vine.  I am mindful of what we use in our garden and how we treat our chickens.  I am mindful of how the products we buy affect the Earth and all its living things.  Why?  Because I am leaving this planet to my son and his children.  He deserves a world as beautiful if not more beautiful than the world I grew up in.


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I dream about seeing the world with my family and experiencing different cultures through food.  Cultural identity and food are so deeply intertwined.  I have included the ” Travels “section specifically for this purpose.   My hope is that one day that section will be filled with stories, recipes and recreations of food we have eaten around the world.  Food has always been and always will be the soul of humanity as a whole.  It’s religious.  It’s economic.  It’s everything.  Food is life.

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My family.  My soul food.  My life.

So you may be wondering about the blog name… About the name Tacothyme.  Taco represents my ethnicity and Thyme represents my love of fresh herbs and produce.  I also thought it was fun!  I am 3rd generation American of Mexican descent.  I have been lucky enough to have had a handful of traditional foods in regular rotation throughout my life.  I have grown up with albondigas, pan dulce, atole and horchata.  I have been blessed to know these small pieces of a vast and rich culture, these gifts of food.  My heritage means a lot to me and as I have gotten older it has become very important to me that I get in touch with my roots for the simple reason that every generation of my family loosens their grip on our origins.  I hope that one day this blog will be filled with pictures of the colorful and vibrant heart of my heritage.  I plan to learn how to prepare authentic recipes so that I may share them with you.  My hope is that by sharing these beautiful and varied pieces of Mexico, together, we will preserve them.  We will preserve them for ourselves and for our children.

I want my son to make tamales every Christmas.  I want him to someday warm up his children on a cold winters day with a big mug of champurrado.  I want him to know the flavors and combinations that are Mexico’s culinary legacy.  I want him to respect their origins while mixing them up.  I want him to make them his own.

I want you to do this too.

I don’t only make Mexican food, don’t worry.  I will make EVERY KIND of food.  Anything and Everything that is delicious.

(*A quick note on my philosophy regarding recipes.  They are just guidelines.  Play with them.  Swap stuff out.  Make them yours.  There will be misses and that is a given, but there will be triumphs!  And not much is better than a victory you can eat!)


Birthday boy!  7:00 AM

My life is lived through food.  Through recipes passed on over the years.  Through meals with friends.  Through traditions and celebrations. My years are marked with spam fried rice and baked oatmeal.  I can count how many 5 gallon pots of posole that I have made by the number of candles on my son’s birthday cinnamon rolls.  I can tell you how many years I have been blessed to know my husband by the number of spice cakes we have shared.

Please join me, come visit me here once in awhile.  Experience the sweet and the salty, the soft and the crisp, the old and the new.  Experience my life and yours…


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