My Mom’s Posole

This was the first year in a long time that we did not make posole for my son’s birthday.  I kind of regret it.  But it’s ok, I got my fix, and it was glorious.  What’s posole you ask?

Well let me tell you, first and foremost it is delicious.


posole 1

See? Delicious.


Ok so let’s get back to the basics.  Posole is a hominy and pork soup.  It’s warm, flavorful and comforting.  I would even go as far as saying it’s the Mexican equivalent of chicken noodle soup, except it’s pork.  And hominy.  And no noodles …Ok maybe its nothing like chicken noodle soup.  Except for the soup part.  I grew up eating my mom’s posole, which is the aforementioned pork and hominy.  My mom boils pork (preferably espina, which is neck bones and meat) with onion, bay leaves, oregano, and cumin.  She boils all this tastiness together for hours until the pork is falling apart.  When your pork is at that stage you add a can of enchilada/chile sauce and hominy .  Then you let it simmer for about another hour.  My mom always serves it with shredded cabbage, diced onion, cilantro, limes, oregano and tostada shells.  Moms always know best. 




Told ya moms KNOW.



I recently bought a cookbook by Diana Kennedy who is renowned for her authentic Mexican recipes, and her cookbook (which is a wealth of amazing recipes by the way) contained a recipe for posole.  After reading the recipe I was floored.  When you grow up eating something prepared a certain way you tend to grow up thinking it’s the right way.  The “authentic” way.  Mrs. Kennedy, who lived in Mexico for decades, collected recipes from the locals and this recipe for posole that has no Chile sauce in the broth.  I repeat NO CHILE SAUCE.

I messaged my mom so fast.

“Mom!  Holy crumbs.  Did you know in Mexico they make a posole with just hominy, water, pork and salt?!  They serve chile as a GARNISH.  A GARNISH mom.”

Picture my face while I am messaging her.  A weird combination of horror, surprise and interest.

Waiting with bated breath I watch as she types a reply  Maria is typing…

I am positive this newly discovered information is blowing her mind.


She already knew.  I felt betrayed.  I am determined to try authentic Mexican recipes.  Posole is apparently not on the shortlist.  When I eat posole I want to eat it as I remember it.  Partly because I am stubborn and partly because I think my mom knows what’s up.  She’s cooked a few things in her lifetime.  A few delicious things that make you eat 3 times more than you should, while waging an epic battle between your tongue and your stomach.

You know the one.

Tongue: “More.  It’s so delicious.  Nothing will EVER be this delicious again.  EAT.”

Stomach: “Please stop!  It hurts!  Oh dear God why have you forsaken me!?”

If you have never had this battle I am not sure we can be friends…just kidding!  But seriously if you have ever worn stretchy pants to dinner at your mom’s house then you know what I’m talking about.

The point of that whole spiel is that my mom is an incredible cook.  I trust her, and you should too.

I am sure the authentic recipe is also insanely delicious and I highly recommend you try it both ways.  Because two batches of posole can not be a bad thing, right?

Yeah I am right.


posole 3

Check out this improved chile in the broth bowl of mmmmm…


Now go put on some stretchy pants and make a few batches, because it’s cold outside and nothing takes the edge off like a hot bowl of soup! Viva posole!

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